ISAGA Conference 2017, 10.-14.07.2017, Delft (Niederlande)

Die ISAGA Conference 2017 findet an der TU Delft in den Niederlanden vom 10.-14.7. statt. Auf den Konferenzen des internationalen Planspielfachverbands treffen sich Forschende, Entwickler, Anwender und Interessierte zum Austausch über neue Entwicklungen, Anspielen von Planspielen und Simulationen und zum Netzwerken.

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Hier der Einladungstext der Organisatoren:

"The conference is being held jointly by ISAGA (International Simulation and Gaming Association) and SAGANET (Simulation and Gaming Association the Netherlands). It is the third ISAGA conference in the Netherlands. In 1997, Tilburg hosted the conference and in 2007 ISAGA was guest in Nijmegen. Now, 10 years later the venue is Delft. Delft is a small town, characterized by its beautiful medieval city center with typical Dutch warehouses along the canals, and at the same time by technology and innovation, represented by TU Delft, the Technopolis park, and the new central station. Its location goes well with this year's theme of the conference, "Sustainable cities and smart infrastructures" as it is located close to both Rotterdam with its large international harbor, and The Hague, home of the government and most of the ministries of the Dutch government. The host, the Delft University of Technology (TUD), has a long tradition of designing, using, and evaluating simulation games. Gaming simulation methods are used in the study programs and in research projects. A large number of professors and lecturers actively use gaming methods for education and research. Students also learn through the design of games as part of projects for local companies and organizations."