ABGESAGT | ISAGA Summer School, 24.-28.08.2020, Hokkaido (Japan)

Die diesjährige Summer School des internationalen Planspielverbands ISAGA vom 24. bis 28. August 2020 in Japan ist leider wegen der Corona-Epidemie abgesagt.

Das diesjährige Thema lautet: "How to make your Analogue Business Game"

Perhaps you consider the analogue game is out-of-date in the 21st century. Indeed, if we use a computer and try to include all factors, it might be possible to build a game. However, we afraid such game is too much for your students. The more ideas are included, the more the game becomes complex, heavy, difficult to manage. To create a compile a game, simplification from the target contents are necessary, that's a reason why we recommend tangible board game.

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