ABGESAGT | 51. ISAGA Conference 2020, 07.-11.09.2020, Indore (Indien)

Leider ist diese Tagung für 2020 wegen des Coronavirus abgesagt und wird auf 2021 verschoben.

Zum ersten Mal tagt die internationale Planspielszene in Indien. Thema der 51. ISAGA Conference ist: Gaming, Simulation and Innovations: Challenges and Opportunities. Organisiert wird die Tagung von Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya und sie findet auf seinem Campus in Indore statt.

Hier der Einladungstext der Organisatoren:

"Across half a century, ISAGA’s saga has been replete with GS events, exchanges of knowledge and experiences in GS, and building bonds between its members on a variety of GS themes such as design, learning, facilitation, and application. ISAGA2020 will receive and discuss papers, posters and workshops in GS with its theme laying special emphasis on three global trends that are characteristic of a rapidly evolving society. It will focus on innovation to develop new processes to solve recurrent nagging problems via GS. It will address social challenges such as the sustainable development goals (SDG) identified by the UNDP. It will probe and evaluate opportunities in learning for a better world. This event is the first ISAGA international conference in India. In ISAGA2020, you may expect a diverse learning experience from the global GS community."

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