ISAGA Conference 2018, 09.-13.07.2018, Nakhon Pathom (Thailand)

Die ISAGA Conference 2018 wird von der Thaisim organisiert. Sie findet an der Mahidol University, Salaya Campus in Thailand, ca. 50 km von Bangkok entfernt, statt. Auf den Konferenzen des internationalen Planspielfachverbands treffen sich Forschende, Entwickler, Anwender und Interessierte zum Austausch über neue Entwicklungen, Anspielen von Planspielen und Simulationen und zum Netzwerken.

Some more data and facts:
21st Century Learning is an active process in which student-centric, self-directed, personalised and peer to peer learning is critical to the future of education. Modern students of all ages demand to be engaged in the learning process and the traditional models of knowledge transfer from an expert teacher to a student in a formal classroom environment have been replaced by technology-enabled, 24/7 experiential learning.

The theme of ISAGA 2018 is “Active Learning and Neo-Simulation & Gaming” and its aim is to bring together a multi-disciplinary gathering of practitioners and researchers from public and private sectors to share experience and insights into the role and projected future of the latest simulation and games applications applied to the domain of learning and development. ISAGA 2018 itself will employ neo-simulation and gaming within the conference as a practical and engaging experience that aims to provide a lasting learning legacy for all its participants.

Call for papers and other contributions

The programme committee of the 49th ISAGA Conference cordially invites you to submit full (8-page) papers for general paper sessions, or extended abstracts for thematic sessions, workshops, and poster sessions. We look forward to contributions from both researchers and practitioners, as well as contributions that connect the academic and practitioner perspectives. There are four types of contributions: thematic sessions, full papers, poster presentations, and workshops.

Further information:

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